Local Missions

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Caring Hands is a Gospel-Centered collaborative effort of churches and community organizations in the Southeast Polk region of Central Iowa, providing food, clothing, and household items to those in need.  Our pastor, Barron Geiger, currently serves as president of a board consisting of almost 20 other church leaders and representatives from Altoona, Runnells, Pleasant Hill, and Bondurant who work together to shine the love of Jesus by meeting genuine pressing needs in Southeast Polk and Bondurant.

CH Volunteers
CrossWay’s Wednesday Life Group I volunteers
at the Caring Hands Food Pantry once a month
assisting clients, bagging, and carting groceries
CH Simple Supper
CrossWay volunteers about once per year to cook
and serve a free dinner provided to Caring Hands
clients called “Simple Supper”



Altoona Kids Café



Did You Know?

  • Food insecurity is defined as not knowing where your next meal will come from
  • 1 in 8 Iowans is food insecure
  • 1 in 5 Iowa children do not have enough to eat
  • 395,620 Iowans live at or below the poverty level
  • For every 100 school lunch programs, there are only 87 breakfast sites and just 36 summer food program sites
  • Of the 7,000 students enrolled at Southeast Polk, 30% currently qualify for free or reduced lunches
  • Only 1 in 7 children who need summer food get it


CrossWay helps support Altoona Kids Café, a Summer Food Service Program that provides lunches to children during summer break. Altoona Kids Café partners with Caring Hands Outreach, Southeast Polk Schools, local churches, local businesses and community volunteers. In 2015, Kids Café served 4, 230 meals to children 18 and under who attended the program, at no cost to them. They operate year round to provide students in need of assistance with backpacks and school supplies, coats, boots and other essentials. If you are interested in volunteering, visit AltoonaKidsCafe.com or contact them at altoonakidscafe@gmail.com for information.