Missionaries – Russia

Peter & Nadya Kiyanchenko

peter and nadiaIn 1991 the Kiyanchenko family became the first family to join the staff of New Life (Campus Crusade for Christ) Russia. Their service began with showing the Jesus film at cinemas in Moscow and training other believers in various cities of Russia, from Moscow up to Khabarovsk, to do the same. During the first half of that year, due to Peter’s organizational work, the Jesus film was viewed by about 25,000 people!

Today, after working 18 years, their leadership team has:

– trained more than 6,000 people in methods of evangelism and
– seen 1,500 of them of discipleship.

Peter is now supervising coordinators who are training believers in churches for personal evangelism and discipleship. He started the ministry for Muslims people in Moscow, Russia.

Ten years ago Nadia was asked to become the Russian legal director of Cross Roads (a strategy for reaching teachers of public schools through a character training curriculum which they teach to teenagers and show Christ as an example).

In addition to Peter’s service with New Life he is also the second pastor of “The Love of the Christ” church as a volunteer. Nadia helps him as the director of the children’s Sunday school.



Constantin & Yana Kurmantsev

Constatine and YanaWe’ve been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ from 2000.

For nine years we have been developing the campus ministry in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia). This ministry in our city started with our family and led hundreds of students to Christ. Some of them even became missionaries or Christian workers, dozens became strong Christians and church members.

Now we develop the ministry with professionals and graduates in Siberian region in Russia. Yana is also doing ministry with orphans teaching Bible to them.

We are Pioneers in this ministry in our region.

Our city is an industrial center with 1,000,000 population and developing business. The city we serve is one of the main Siberian centers, but most of people here are non-Christians and negative to speak about the Gospel. Evangelical Christianity in Krasnoyarsk is less than 1% of all population.

Who will lead them to Christ?

– We are nationals. We live here, we know people, know Russian language and culture, and have good connections with churches in our area.

Just think what a great opportunity to be next to local missionaries with your prayers and financial support leading hundreds to Christ, reaching unreached in Russia without going to Siberia, studying Russian language and culture, surviving in climate of -40 F in winter!