Missionaries – Western Europe

Gary and Kate DeGraaf – Lille, France


Gary and Kate DeGraaf serve in Lille, France through Greater Europe Mission, with a focus on discipleship, and the goal to plant healthy, reproducing churches. They are involved in on the ground training, coaching, evangelism and discipleship, using kids club and other outreach ministries.

Kate grew up in Britain and Gary in the United States, but both saw the need in France for the church to mature and grow. In 2000, they each came separately to France to help the French church. In 2007 they met each other and were married in 2009. Daughter Lucie (2010) and son Anthony (2013) were born, and they all live near Lille, France.

Please take a moment to visit the Missions Table in the back to learn more about the DeGraaf’s and see their latest newsletter. Also be praying for the DeGraaf family, their church, their community, and for France and their government.



Israel and Sarah Quintani – Lisbon, Portugal

Israel and Sarah

Israel and Sarah Quintani are a dynamic young Brazilian couple who were commissioned by their local church in Brazil to participate in a church planting team in Lisbon, Portugal. They are fluent in Portuguese and English and have are gifted in evangelism and teaching. Their team has already made progress connecting with the community, meeting local needs, providing children’s activities, and reaching people with the gospel.

They are currently gathering their small group of new believers in a home on a weekly basis to worship together and grow. Please pray for increased opportunities, provision, and unity of purpose within their team.

Please take a moment to visit the Missions Table in the back to learn more about the Quintanis and see their latest newsletter.