Visitors Welcome

About Us

CrossWay Community Church,  we’re real people who  have a personal relationship with the real God.  We are a growing, vibrant and healthy church that celebrates God through worship, equips its members through discipleship, and whose member’s become mature and fruitful as we serve the community and the church.

What to Expect

At CrossWay we’re pretty casual.  You can wear anything from a coat and tie to jeans, we’ll love you the same.  Our music is contemporary but simple.  We’re a new church that’s growing every week and we will do everything we can to help you on your journey of discovering God and being used by Him in your life.  To really get to know us, come and visit this Sunday!

If you have any questions about our doctrine, ministry approach, or anything else, just contact Barron at or call us at 515-967-2248.


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